Sy Brand

Non-binary dev living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Works as Microsoft's C++ Developer Advocate. Also organiser of #include <C++> and editor of the code::art journal.

Full Custom Sweets Keyboard

It's a mechanical keyboard I designed, built, and coded myself for fun! It uses a custom Dvorak layout which I designed to make the most of the minimal space available and have the tiny space bar right under my left thumb. It has three layers which can be switched between by holding modifier keys, so you can still get access to the full set of keys available on most boards. The plates are made of aluminium and I got them custom cut based off of a CAD design which I generated. The switches are 67g R4 Zealios, which are kinda like Cherry Clears but smoother, not quite as stiff, but with a strong tactile bump. Everything is hand-wired with diodes along the key rows to prevent "ghosting". The microcontroller is a Teensy2 and the firmware is generated from a high-level description of the keyboard layout with a C++17 library I wrote which runs at compile-time.

created by moriah maney